Please tell our readers a little bit about your background

Hello my name is Tony Delgado. A little about me, I’m from Detroit Michigan. I’m Native American, French, Puerto Rican, Irish, Norwegian. I have been an expert in analog synthesis, sequencing and programming for 27 years. I am the second wave generation of Detroit techno artists. Currently, I am programming custom eprom chips, as a sound designer. I also am a promoter, DJ, art curator, promoter and an installation artist, stemming back playing shows in the 1990s in Detroit. My first introduction to music was rapping and writing poetry, coming up in the same circle as Binary Star, J Dilla, Kid Rock, Eminem. In the late 90’s, I transitioned into producing electronic music. Infact, I was the first act in history to headline the underground stage at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, also now known as “Movement”.

What is your favorite piece of hardware gear to work with and why?

My favorite hardware is a Linn Drum and a tb303. The Linn Drum is so punchy. I have an Oberheim Prommer which allows me to program any sound I want. My Linn Drum and my tb303 are both modified with midi (The quicksilver mod). I love the trigger in the Linn Drum. I like to layer my tb303, or use it with an arpeggiator. I like how compact the 303 is. I always take it to guitar stores in Metro Detroit when I want to test new pedals because of the tb303 frequency range. I love to run my Roland tb303 to guitar pedals. I kind of have a lot of boutique pedals.

Is there a specific VST plugin that radically changed your workflow?

I don’t really use any VST’s. Sometimes, I use Arturia Collection Jupiter and U-he Diva. When I need a poly synth. But I almost always use hardware.

Do you have a specific workflow when it comes to creating tracks. For instance, do you start with a beat or with a melody?

My work flow is all based around the Linn Drum. I have this really cool ninja star thing by Plankton. It splits the trigger so I can trigger up to 5 sequencers. I have a Pro One, Sh101, mc202 and a Behringer ms101 all hooked to the Linn Drum, then I use a lot of guitar pedals to it. I really love Meris, Jhs, Amp Earthquaker Devices. All of which I have all hooked to my sound card. Right now I have really been enjoying doing one shot recordings. I find that when I try to chop it all up and sample it, it really takes the magic away.

Which aspect of music production do you feel you excel at?

Programming intense sequencing, mixing, editing, and effects.

U-He Diva
U-He Diva

Your best advice to get that kick drum pounding?

My best advice to get a kick pounding? Get a JHS colour box V2. “Trust me you’ll thank me later lol”.

Out of all the productions you have made, what would be your personal favorite?

My personal favorite tracks are the ones on Detroit Underground. A song called “Beta 1.1.1”, and two of my favorite techno tracks are out on Area 303, “Saint, Saint ,Saint” and “Pirate Radio”.

What is the best advice you have for other producers in the game?

The best advice I can give you is leave headroom for your mastering, and have a professional master your tracks. Don’t bother buying a $5000 U.V compressor. Usually the place you send it for mastering has all that. Experiment, and get some good pedals. Pedals are 1000x better than VSTs, especially a Mercury 7. Also, don’t compare yourself to another artist. The only difference between you and some big time artist, is more zero’s in their bank account. And never give up!!! There will be people that won’t like your music. That’s ok. As long as you do.

Effects, effects, effects! In my opinion, synthesizers are very boring without effects. Invest in a good pedal. I usually always have my bass lines dry. Keep in mind, the order you have your effects will change dramatically. For example, I have a reverb connected to a phaser, which is connected to another reverb. Oh, get insurance for your gear, and own your publishing. You can publish all your songs using ASCAP. or BMG. One of them is free. And share, share ,share. There are so many music groups on Facebook.

Where can people find you online?

If you want any EPROMs for your Drumtraks, Linn Drum, LM1, Dmx/Dx etc, I can burn them for you. If you want your Drumtraks to sound like a LM1, I can do that. My email is:

You can find my music on all major platforms. My band is Program17.


Jup-8 V Synth by Arturia
Jup-8 V Synth by Arturia

Get the gear here:

Arturia Collection Jupiter

U-he Diva