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Ian Sandico - Away

Presenting “Away” DFTN’s own Ian Sandico returns with a groovy, bouncy hard-hitting single guaranteed to make you want to dance. “Away”  is an EDM – House-inspired record, anchored by hints of electronica with Jazzy sensitivity. Building up to a hook of rich floating synths and keys accompanied by soft but present vocals. “Away” is suited at a perfect tempo fit for any club or getting ready to go to your favorite workout class. It is a call to action to remember the bigger picture in life, to let go of your worries and problems, and to be grateful for the present moment. We hope you enjoy and are inspired to keep moving forward and “Away” from all the negativity.

Ian’s production consists of hard-hitting drums, nostalgic keys, and smooth beautiful synths.

About the artist:

Ian Sandico born in Manila, Philippines, and raised in Seattle Washington, is a producer that works with a wide range of vocalists in different genres collaborating and creating innovative timeless music. Heir to one of history’s greatest Filipino musical composers, “Hilarion Rubio”, Sandico has been playing drums and producing for over 10 years touring and competing around the world. As the in-house producer of DFTN (Don’t Forget The Name) Records, Sandico is always evolving as he continues the legacy.