Sweeping New Sound From Forward Focused Producers Highcard

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High Card is a powerful partnership between Ben Zamora and Doug Meadows. No strangers to the world of EDM, this duo is constantly pushing boundaries to discover new ways to bring their unique sound to their growing stable of listeners. 

With a wide-ranging career as both independent electronic producers and founders of acclaimed band Horizons, this release sees the pair continue to hone and develop their sound. 


Building on their success with Monsters, also released by Sovereign Records and feted by industry legends Axwell and Firebeatz, this new collaboration with Robbie Rosen shows a desire to continue their reputation for marrying heartfelt lyrics with sweeping amplitude. 

Story-based lyrics meet fractured beats, creating music that moves the mind and body and exemplifies Highcard’s impeccable understanding of what makes EDM. With skills like this, it’s no wonder HighCard has a fanbase that is growing from strength to strength.

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