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Dropping a blistering nocturnal charmer on Controversia records, Future Class up the ante in July with their latest singe ‘I Wanna Go’ and it’s a killer release from the mighty Brazilian pair.

With the warming bass wobble of it’s underbelly ‘I Wanna Go’ is comprised of dark electronica tones and a metronomes synth part that helps the track fizz. It’s captivating stuff from the forces that are Igor and Allan, who make up the duo Future Class.


From earning stripes as DJ’s touring their native scene, performing at events as varied as Lollapalooza, Só Track Boa, Green Valley and Laroc. The duo has also won praise with their music from elite figures that include Tiësto, Martin Garrix and Vintage Culture. The latter of which is someone they also shared their biggest hit to date with. Their collaboration on a remix of Pontos de Exclamação has received over 32 million Spotify Streams and keeps growing.

Talking about the release, the pair said:‘I Wanna Go’ shows a lot about our current musical taste thanks to a strong melodic appeal that is added to a heavy drop. We ended up transcribing the influences we had during the pandemic and the result is to pass the energy of a song that works very well for listening at home, in the car, and across streaming at home, due to its melodic footprint.”

A duo with a world of successes ahead of them, it’s fitting then that their name is Future Class.

Future Class – ‘I Wanna Go’ is out on 23rd July on Controversia! 


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Alok’s CONTROVERSIA continues to go from strength to strength, and ‘Love Again’ is another fine example of a label making all the right moves to maintain its impressive forward momentum. Since its inception in June 2019, CONTROVERSIA has accumulated over 425 million Spotify streams and 200 million YouTube views thanks to its remarkable family of artists, including HugelKSHMRVintage Culture and Bhaskar. All of whom have helped CONTROVERSIA quickly established itself as one of the most successful independent labels in dance music today.