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ALL CAPS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’m on facebook this evening BEST WEBSITE FOR DATING BTW no take that back BEST FOR FLIRTING and I went to look at this girls page that I just met recently and she has this post that is not evil but basically telling this person been there done that ain’t working AND THAT WAS FUCKING SEXY now maybe not to some of you or any of you which brings me to what this story is all about SEXY

Now the reason it’s sexy to me is that I spent about six straight hours with this girl when I met her and there is not much she does that is not SEXY to me. SO YEAH GO BACK so the post I saw tonight and I go to Google and type in SEXY DEFINITION yeah not so much at least that’s not my definition HAVE I BEEN WRONG ALL THIS TIME? Google def and others was something about having sex like SHE IS SEXY meaning YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER no no no SEXY IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS and its different for every person and TO ME THE BEST QUALITY ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE.

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For some it might be the way he or she smiles and says hello but to someone else its the way they pluck their nose hairs. What I’m trying to say is and very hard to describe but whatever that vision or sound or feel is you just get this sudden impulse to the brain that gives you this Quagmire response.


It kind of gives you the chills and you want to stand up and yell DO IT AGAIN DO IT AGAIN and like I said the girl on the ladder might be sexy to me because of her smile and or the way she says hi or hello but to someone else those two things do nothing for them but the way she passes gas when she goes up and down the ladder IS SEXY to them.

EVERYONE has a sexy about them it will be different for those observing and they will define it in their own way and to.them today or tonight it could be your belch tomorrow the way you scratch yourself. SO SEXY COULD BE 22 DJS AND 150 PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND IN THEIR LINGIERE AND JAMMIES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GREAT MUSIC AND GOOD FRIENDS FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE. I SAID IT COULD BE. YOU WILL HAVE TO DEFINE THAT YOURSELF However tonight for me IT’S THE POST I READ FROM A GIRL I JUST MET.



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