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OK this is the second day in a row that I keep looking around FOR SOMETHING, ANYTHING to excite me, entertain me, make me laugh or smile AND NOTHING.

I’m thinking next time I take a break I should watch the cars go by on first Ave.  I guess I will have to force myself to write my FISTPUMP column which I wrote already once but got erased when I went to post. It’s best WHEN IT JUST COMES TO ME and I just type away like this with bad spelling no punctuation and run on sentences because I know that my editor Wilf Hammarica will fix it and make me look good.  (You’re welcome – Wilf)

Where were you sir in 1984 when I was reading the front and back cover of a book and a little of the middle when two month book report was due the next day and I was getting a C- from my English teacher who had the cheeks of a bulldog and she would have saliva on each wall of the room if she were to shake her head back and forth in a fast motion if she had the time but she was too busy eyeballing everyone to see who she could smack on the knuckles with a ruler for even thinking about talking or passing a note.

Did I mention that she smelled like a skunk’s ass?

MKKM as Ron JeremyHEY FINALLY PUNCTUATION I CAN TAKE A BREATH no she did because a family of them lived under her house and they must have every night got up in her bed and sprayed in her mouth not once but three times each and I think it was eight is enough or the Brady bunch cuz it was bad topped off with cheap old lady perfume so it smelled like dog shit in a rose garden or skunk on my English teacher OH THOSE WERE THE DAYS and if she could only see me now FISTPUMP!

now that was better than watching cars go by AND ALL TRUE

Life is a comedy ALL OF IT you just have to know how to present it 🙂





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