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AHHHH the joys of being a father of two beautiful daughters


And to get the news in the same day is outstanding! Baby mama of my 9yr old Brooke tells me yesterday that Brooke had told her that she was getting HAIR DOWN THARE and she has already been told by her teacher that she must wear a bra cuz her nipples are revealing. So mom explains to her about that time of the month. You know, when girls are more psycho than the other 3 weeks (DID I JUST TYPE THAT OUT LOUD? IM IN TROUBLE) and one of the symptoms is an upset tummy. Guess who comes home from school with an upset tummy yesterday from school YUP. MY 17 year old Breanne (the shy one or so I thought) posts on status update yesterday THAT HER AND HER BF ARE IN LOVE and I know it’s official right cuz it is on Facebook. So I text her SO YOU ARE IN LOVE and she responded HAHAHA. I told her no I am serious that’s great. I’m happy if you’re happy and she said thank you. She lives in Arizona and have not seen her in two years and not that I can’t it’s just mom hates me. But when I last saw her she was shy, We watched one of the Shrek movies and the Cardinals were on their way to the Super Bowl. Earlier this year thanks again to my friend Facebook I see a pic and it says ME AND MY LOVER again I text her congrats on the BF I’m happy for you if you’re happy. RIGHT? Support them and tell them you love them. I still don’t know which one of them will get married first and I am sure I will be a grandpa soon with his glowstick on the dance floor


Dance Music MagazineAnd if you think its tough for me being a father for these two girls, look at it from their side and their friends at school and on Facebook with my posts pics and activities WOW! THATS YOUR DAD? COOL! or WOW! Thats your dad? Whats with the name thing and who are all those hoes he’s with? Does he do porn?

YES, YES it’s good to be me 🙂

Time to be a hero and go sell a car on my off day and go home before dark because once again I CAN.


Connect: (Editor’s note: the ladies in the pictures are NOT MKKM’s daughters, but he DOES LOVE BLONDES!)



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