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Seattle Seahawks Niners Sunday Night Football and right after THIS…


For half the price of a stadium beer and definitely more value, you can make a difference in someones life who has not had the opportunity to see the green grass of Century Link Stadium or afford to buy a stadium dog outside. How they got there is not my concern, but I can help those that want to be helped. There is no girl, no drug that could make me feel better than the way I felt last Thursday night at 3am making and handing out the biggest & baddest bologna and cheese sandwiches from the trunk of my car in cap hill. WHY? Cuz a homeless guy freezing asked me for money and I put the last in the tank but remembered I had lunch makings from work. “Sorry just spent it all. You hungry? How bout your buddy there?

Dance Music NewsIt was BETTER THAN SEX because I had no itch or remorse in the am and better than any drug cuz there was no hangover. I’m not looking for pats on the back… I’M JUST SHOWING HOW EASY IT IS and if you have not experienced HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT OTHERS. People you may not know BUT HUMAN BEINGS who may not have had the breaks, money, or chance at education you and I did. Maybe they f###ed it all away on drugs! maybe 4 or 5 times SO WHAT are you and I perfect? I have been through rehab I lost count 13? 15? times before I got it.

Spent 17 days over 40k in the second best rehab in US OF A Boca Raton FL.

Insurance ran out first flt back to Phoenix and I’m smoking crack that night.


Dance Music BlogIf you happen to be in the Seattle area, JOIN ME AT FOUNDATION NIGHTCLUB FOR:

A Bread Of Life Mission Charity Event


WEAR RED! GET UR ASS HERE! DANCE IT OFF FOR A CAUSE and then most important GET HOME SAFE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. SHARE THIS AND PACK Foundation Nightclub Sunday night. Lets show that we care and make a difference!





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