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Dutch sensation Jebroer releases the English part of his controversial trilogy ‘ZesSechs Six’ worldwide today, after the release of the Dutch and German volumes, ‘Six’ completes the international album package. Jebroer is an artist whose music cannot be categorized, and with ‘Six’ he showcases this perfectly. As a popular MC/Rapper/Producer,Jebroer has worked on his style for years and is now known for his varied and energetic sound and exciting live shows. The album features previously released singles like ‘Robbery’ together with Dr.Phunk and American Hardcore legend Lil Texas,‘The Master’ with Austrian power duo Harris & Ford and ‘Child of The Devil’ with Dr.Phunk and Australian superstarTimmy Trumpet. These bangers have already generated millions of streams, with which the total counter has exceeded 40 million streams and counting. Of course, there is also new music on the album. The music video of the single ‘Love You’ has also been released on YouTube today to add extra power to the release. ‘Six’ is released via ROQ ‘N Rolla Music and can be listened to on all online streaming platforms from today.  

International success:

Jebroer’s album ‘ZesSechs Six’ consists of Dutch, German and English volumes released internationally. Every album is part of Jebroer’s aim to open his music to fans worldwide. So far, this is all going very well for Jebroer! The track ‘Mutter’ from the German album ‘Sechs’ has been listened to over 12 million times and entered the Beatport Hard Dance list on #1. The Dutch singles ‘Rebel’ with Regi and ‘Machinegeweer’ together with Sjaak and ‘Naar De Hel’ have become popular hits with his fanbase. Jebroer is a familiar face in Belgium, and his tracks are popular with his Eastern neighbours and have also conquered Austria and Switzerland. With ‘Six’, Jebroer now sets his target on his English-speaking fans.

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