How Easy Is It To Get To Your Favorite Electronic Music Festival in 2019? | EDM News Network.

Do electronic music festivals make your heart beat faster? Want to travel to one of those enticing music festivals you keep seeing in your Insta’ feed but don’t know where to start? Does trying to find flights or the right place to stay sound like a hassle? Electronic Roads is here to help.

The website, freshly created by a team of electronic music lovers, connects the dots between festivals and punters who don’t want to deal with all the logistics. The project was born out of deep love for a more underground electronic dance music and the strong desire to help improve this growing community.


Electronic Roads acts as an intermediary between electronic music fans and service providers, working alongside some of the most acclaimed travel providers such as Airbnb, and Viagogo to bring users the best online prices, without any extra commission.

Electronic Roads’s approach is to send users to buy directly from the most reputable worldwide travel companies, making it their mission is to offer you the best travel advice available for each festival.

Although not the first platform of its kind, Electronic Roads stands out with a carefully curated festival selection, as well as excellent customer-service. The website focuses on lesser-known, boutique-type and big festivals, predominantly in Europe, such as Sonar, Ultra Music Europe, World Club Dome or Exit. While electronic dance music and genres such as disco, house, techno and their subgenres represent its core interest, Electronic Roads is also interested in promoting more adventurous styles such as ambient or IDM.

“You just come for the party, we’ll take care of the rest” is their motto –> Check out the Electronic Roads website here.