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ZatarS New Album QUANTUM PARTY – DANCE MIXXX On all major distribution websites.

1 · Doors Open
2 · Intense Intense Intense
3 · Metamorphosis
4 · Extra
5 · Bomb
6 · Zopbot
7 · OK
8 · Dance Dance



QUANTUM PARTY: “I have been a DJ, Poet and Musician all my life! Quantum Party is where I am at. A mix of time live all live then mix. Mind and you create a Quantum Party that is a result of this and my love of computer chips crying out to dance. Songs of cyberlife in a new type of random warping dancing work station sound. According to Quantum Physics, the smaller something is, the more likely it is to be in multiple places at once…

All of the sounds are random to the beat pulse effects played like an instrument all in mixing to the beats rhythm on top of rhythm. A new type of Booom Muzic Zatarism Sounds melting locked to beats computer chips and brains blazing.

ZatarS muzic warping vibrations computer gray matter chips sounding minds expansion exploring dancing.

It’s a way to accept that whatever happens everything is going to be OK Make the best of hard situation and overcome with a laugh this music makes me feel that way very COSMIC and yet primal beats dancing rhythms’ a hug to the eyes as I ride that hopping computer chip into this vegan brains asking why SOUNDS LIKE this makes you HIGH