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Ylamaki releases a beautiful new video in support of his latest release ‘The Earth.’ The release features epic sonic soundscapes that remind of the classic sound of trance before anyone had ever heard of Armin van Buuren.

A fast arpeggio is the base for the track. As the track progresses, chopped vocals and intense synth pads are introduced. The melodic quality of the track rises far above your average trance tune. The Earth is really the kind of track that shows how beautiful trance can be. As the track nears its climax, even an electric guitar is introduced that flows very naturally with the rest of the tune.

We expect this track to be picked up by some of the major players in DJ land.

Living in Helsinki, but originally from Finland, Ylamaki is currently collaborating with the Finnish guitarist, Sami Eloranta in their band, ‘The Dony‘ – racking up over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. He has been composing music since the early ’90s, specialising in Electronica, to Ambient, to Metal – proof of his versatility. His first exposure to composing was when he discovered the Kawai WK50, and the development of PC-based music. From the mid ’90s, Ylamaki‘s sound has grown and developed with time, and with the release of ‘The Earth‘, he is continuing his musical journey onwards and upwards.

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