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United Plugins Urban Puncher

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So you sit behind your DAW and mess around with some 808 stock samples or other type of beats. However, you feel something is missing. And EQ and compression are not doing the trick.

This is where the new plugin Urban Puncher comes in handy!

Urban Puncher is essentially a one knob plugin that gives your drum sounds and drum loops the punch they need.

Just dial in the the amount to taste, and your beats get saucy in an instant! You can then adjust it with the dry/wet button. Desire some of the original signal? No problem! Want it completely wet? Sure thing!

But that’s not all.

For extra grit there is also the saturation button to dial in some dirt. Now, if that’s still not enough for you, you can use the destroy button to turn up the saturation a few more notches.

That’s really all there is to it. The wonder of this plug is that it’s incredibly easy with fast results that sound good. And if you are a busy producer/engineer or remixer, that comes in handy when there are a ton of projects to finish with limited time.

Take advantage of the intro price and get it on Plugin Boutique for merely €19/$22 (until Sept 20)

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