This Latin House Song Rightfully Advocates For Protecting The Amazon In Its Catchy Lyrics | EDM News Network.



‘Parintins Para o Mundo’ the new release by Brazilian DJ/producer Keoma is a catchy deep house tune that is sure to move many house music floors around the world. The vocal, sung by the legendary David Assayag, perfectly fits the beat. The song has a summery vibe to it and is compromised of a mixture of three famous Brazilian songs.

Fans of Latin House will surely want to add this to their playlists and DJs who incorporate the genre into their sets should definitely not miss this gem either. The lyrics are in favor of protecting the Amazon. And considering the the continued assault on it, this is a welcome protest while still keeping the vibe light.

With over 20 years of experience, Keoma is well known for his slick production style. Incorporating indegenious music into his mixes, Keoma builds a strong identity within his music, using his music as a true reflection of the artist. Producing Pagode, Axé, and reggae before moving onto Electronic music, Keoma has a rich background to draw from in his new music, which sets him apart from the crowd. With music designed to keep you on the dancefloor, Keoma is an exciting and talented DJ and producer, and certainly one to watch!

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