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Gizmo USA DJ AgencyThe Dreamteam is one of Holland’s – if not the world’s most legendary hardcore/gabber groups – who have been together for two decades. 2013 marks the release of a brand new album with 17 tracks accompanied with a big release event in Amsterdam’s highly regarded Paradiso venue celebrating 20 years of The Dreamteam.

The dreamteam and its individual members rocked all the largest events possible ranging from all the Thunderdomes, to Earthquake, Mysteryland, Hellraiser, Rave The City, Dance Valley Mindcontroller, Global Nation, Energy, Masters Of Hardcore and many more.

The Dreamteam 657 DJ Agency BookingsIt all started out in 1992 when The Prophet came up with the idea to 
start a DJ-team with Dano. Yet, Dano got the 
flu and so he wasn’t available to mix together with The Prophet.. So 
Prophet asked Buzz Fuzz to replace Dano for that evening. They were playing
 with 2 mixers and 6 turntables together and that turned out great! After this success Dano joined in and that’s when it was decided The 
Dreamteam had to be a three man DJ group consisting of Dano, Buzz Fuzz &
The Prophet. All straight out of Amsterdam.
 A few years later, The Dreamteam was booming at the biggest party’s and
 every time they played there was always another great DJ from The Hague
 named Gizmo who turned out to be the missing link in our group. In
1993 he became the last member of The Dreamteam. Each member had their different
 style of sound. Dano played al lot of acid music.The Prophet played more
 melodic stuff, Gizmo was the breakbeat guy and Buzz Fuzz played all of
 the above,but then a lot more harder and faster.


Between 1993 and 1998 The Dreamteam released 3 albums together on 
Dreamteam Productions/ID&T Music. Most of the music was released on several compilation 
albums like the legendary Thunderdome albums which sold millions of copies world wide, Houseparty and Earthquake. 
After 1998 they all focused on their own individual record labels: Buzz Fuzz
 had his BZRK, Stuka and Tripax; Gizmo did his Gizmaniax; The Prophet had Buddha 
& Scantraxx and Dano was producing a lot of techno on Detox Records. 
Of course Dano was also one of the biggest artists on Mokum Records.

After about 7 years of experimenting they became living
 legends when History Of Hardcore presents The Dreamteam (Cloud 9 Music)
 was released.
 Each one produced a mix CD/DVD with interviews of each member telling the stories of their lives. How they began, what they
 did, crazy stories and a lot of party footage was shown on this DVD. After
 all four CD’s/DVD’s were released (they sold out very quickly!) The 
Dreamteam threw a party (with Cloud 9 Music) in the Heineken Music Hall in 
Amsterdam in 2005 which was totally sold out. 
Then The Prophet wanted to dedicate his life more to another kind of
 music on his hardstyle record label Scantraxx. 
Dano,Gizmo and Buzz Fuzz went on playing hardcore under the name 75% of
the Dreamteam.
 The Prophet officially quit with The Dreamteam at Thunderdome The 
Final Exam the 15th of December 2012.

The Dreamteam USA Canada Mexico DJ BookingsThe Dreamteam DJ BookingsNowadays, in 2013 The Dreamteam
 consists of Dano, Buzz Fuzz and Gizmo. 
The new Dreamteam live acts are always hosted by MC Da Mouth Of
 Madness who is now the main master of ceremony at all live performances
 of The Dreamteam. 
So…One left the building, but they are still a four man group..





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