Please tell our readers a little bit about your background.

My name is Alex, also known as CHEBO. I’m a French DJ and producer from Paris.

I received my first electric guitar when I was 13 years old as a birthday present.
(Because I kept watching over and over that guitar cover on YouTube known as “Canon Rock” by JerryC.)

Since then, music never really left me.

Subsequently, I wanted to learn more about other instruments like the drums, the piano, and the bass.
I’ve been in multiple bands and in high school I started to do my first live shows as a guitar player, and then as a bass player.

That’s when I fell in love with composing. Creating something from scratch truly is an amazing and liberating feeling.

My first “DAW” was “Guitar Pro”, which is actually a software to write and edit guitar/bass tablatures haha

Afterwards I focused on my studies, graduated, worked as a private banker, and left everything behind to get back to music.
Now I produce with Logic Pro X, and I love every minute of it.

What is your favorite piece of hardware gear to work with and why?

I have a minimalist hardware setup, because I like to produce music everywhere. Sometimes in the studio, sometimes while traveling, or sometimes even in my bed.

Most of the time I don’t even need my M-Audio midi controller because there’s one built in Logic Pro X. (For melodies I can just use my keyboard and edit velocity manually when I feel lazy.)

I have a dozen pairs of headphones, but my favorites are definitely the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. I also like the classic and punchy Sennheiser HD-25, Beats by Dre, and well… Airpods. (Most people listen to music with Airpods nowadays, so I gotta know how it sounds like!)

For monitoring I use a pair of Yamaha HS-7, which I like but my neighbors don’t.

To record I use the mic Origin by Aston Microphones.

All of the above connected to a Komplete 6 interface where I can plug-in my guitars and basses.

Nothing too fancy actually.

Is there a specific VST plugin that radically changed your workflow?

I think of VST plugins as brushes for a painter, they all give different effects. Hard to pick only one, but I like the multiband compressor FabFilter Pro-MB, game changer.
Music then becomes like modeling clay. All FabFilter plugins are really great and intuitive by the way!

FabFilter Pro-MB
FabFilter Pro-MB

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Do you have a specific workflow when it comes to creating tracks. For instance, do you start with a beat or with a melody?

In my opinion there is no rule nor recipe. I just build around something I like, might be vocals, a melody, or even just a kick.
My starting point is never the same, otherwise it would be boring I think.

Which aspect of music production do you feel you excel at?

Breaking rules.

Thinking out of the box is important in music, your imagination should be the only limit. I like to move in the opposite direction. If you follow trends you’ll always be late.

Your best advice to get that kick drum pounding?

Classic advice but sidechain compression. I sidechain almost everything to free some room for the kick, which is the most important element in dance music.
If the kick doesn’t hit right, the track won’t work on a dancefloor.

In my opinion, PuigTec EQP-1A by Waves works wonders on kick drums. It helps you get that satisfying thump in your chest.

Then I focus on the kick and bass relationship, they should work in perfect harmony. If that foundation is solid, all the rest becomes a piece of cake.

Out of all the productions you have made, what would be your personal favorite?

Definitely my groovy track “Tonight” which has been supported by Spotify in editorial playlists and by The Supermen Lovers.

What is the best advice you have for other producers in the game?

There is so much information available online that one can sometimes feel lost. Theory and taking advice is important, but most importantly follow your intuition. Just do what you love, have fun. If it sounds good to you, it will for someone else too. Don’t overthink, there is no rule. Be you, be unique, that’s the best version of yourself you can ever be.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

My love and support to everyone who follows their passion.

Where can people find you online?

You can find me on the main social medias and streaming platforms:


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