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The nice folks at Sonible were so kind to give us a copy of their plugin smart: reverb to put it to the test. So let’s start!

Smart:reverb is a plugin that listens to the incoming audio signal, after which it makes a tailor-made reverb preset to work with.

The GUI is very clean and resizable. Very to the point, and no clutter or other gimmicks. Just the way we like it.

OK, so the way this works is that you tell the engine what kind of source material it can expect. This ranges from universal, to vocals and guitar and so forth. Then you hit the capture button on the top left. The engine listens for a short while and then presents you with its unique reverb setting.

Once, you have that setting, the user can experiment with different flavors of sound by using the X/Y grid. Using this simple grid, multiple essential parts of the reverb are changed at once. This includes changes in the decay time, spread, density, timing and affected frequency content.

Using the temporal shaper, it’s also possible to shape the decay, spread and density in detail. And with the spectral shaper grid, the user has detailed control over affected frequencies. Certainly a very nice feature for EDM producers who like to experiment.

The result of all this is a really transparent reverb that fills up  your mix gently and avoids muddiness. It also provides a really fast workflow for getting the reverb right across multiple channels. If you are a mixing engineer working with clients, they will be very happy with the fast results you can provide.

Now, if you want to get massive spaces and use the reverb more as a sound designed tool, there are two handy functions: Freeze and Infinite. Freeze lets you hold the reverb tail at any desired moment, and infinite applies an ever going reverb if your music really needs to be spaced out.

Could anything have been better? Notably, the plugin does not have specific presets for types of reverb and spaces. But at the same time, it’s not what the plugin was designed for.

As for the future, we really like the mindset behind smart:reverb and all the other smart plugins in Sonible’s range. If we could have some influence on new planned plugins by the Sonible team, we would lovea smart:delay in the range.

Another option that would be unique and welcome would be a smart:distortion plugin where users could get various types of distortion automatically adjusted to the source material.

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Get smart:reverb | On sale now

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