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“I am really a Hardwell fan and was scared to death when all of a sudden Skrillex appeared on my toast.”

[wp_ad_camp_1] EDM News, Seattle – The DJ Mag Top 100 vote takes place each year. By many considered a popularity game, DJs still take to great measures to achieve a spot in the top 10.

The competition is fierce. Hardwell the current number one DJ is fighting hard to defend its position and urging fans to vote.

The stakes are high: when a DJ reaches or maintains a top 10 spot, it will translate to millions of dollars of income for that year.

Let us introduce you to Darlene-Anne Davis from Mississippi, a die hard EDM fan. Ever since 2012, she has been going to every rave organized in the South, and even made it to EDC Vegas last year.

Her friends notified her on the DJ Mag Top 100 vote back in August, but for some reason it slipped her mind. Just as she wanted to vote last Tuesday, she found out she was too late.

Depressed of her failure to cast a vote, she made breakfast.

As she took the toast out of the toaster, she came to a chilling discovery, a sighting of Skrillex seemed to appear on the piece of toast.

Darlene-Anne Davis: “I am really a Hardwell fan and was scared to death when all of a sudden Skrillex appeared on my toast. I’m afraid it has to do with my failure to support Hardwell. I must have angered the gods of dubstep and their wrath is now upon me. And more strange things have been happening my boyfriend advised not to speak out about.”

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