Estonian electronic music producer Roderic H proudly presents his latest single titled “Haunted By You” featuring the amazing vocals of K7te.

Its deep bassline mixed with jazz harmonies and the sound of old school keyboards and synthesizers create an amazing chill house track with a
jazzy groove and an emotional ride.

Tell us a bit more about your latest release Haunted By You
Haunted By You is one of those songs, that I originally created for my pop-rock band. Yes, it`s true. I made all the harmonies and finished the song. Then I forgot about it. Then, one day, I came across K7TE and her amazing voice. When I got her vocals, I started looking great harmony for it. Then I put two songs together and they matched
perfectly. All I did, is I added keyboard solo in the middle and made house beat.

To what extent does your knowledge of and skill behind the piano help you with your productions?
I think the most important thing about the song is harmony. As I am classically educated musician and piano player, I have lot of experience of creating new harmonies and arrangements. And creating all the midi files is much easier if you can play piano. It takes me about 5 minutes to transfer all my ideas into midi files on my computer. I have played the piano so long. I know exactly how every chord sound. All my midis and audio tracks, in my songs, are played from start to finish live. I never record 2 bar chords and then copy and paste them around. I play everything live myself. And then of course velocity. It`s one of the most important thing about music production next to harmony.

If you had to choose one synthesizer to record all your music with, which one would it be and what are some of the features you like about it most?
I absolutely love my Roland FP-4F stage piano. It has great sounds and I love the feeling of the keys. But if we talk about VST synthesizers, then my all time favourite
is XLN Audio Addictive Keys.

Tell us more about the scene in Estonia.
We are very lucky in here to have 4 seasons. From heat to snow. In the summer we have lot of sun and all nice beaches are full of beautiful people and lot of amazing music, but at the moment everybody`s preparing for first snowfall. Most people here don`t like the cold we are about to have, but I love it.

roderic h

When you produce a new track, what do you usually start with?
I start with taking a seat behind my Roland stage piano and start playing. Just improvising. Playing different harmonies and melodies. I think it`s no point to even open DAW on computer, if I don`t have the song ready on the keyboard. Sometimes if I have vocals sent to me, even then I listen to the vocals and first start creating some crazy harmonies on the piano. I never start with the beat. But 95% of the time it`s only me and piano at the start.

Would you like to take your music on stage with live musicians?
I absolutely love performing live. Not so much as a DJ, but as a pianist or accordion player. I have worked with many singers and bands on stages. At the moment I am also a keyboard player on Estonian pop-rock band called Maria Stuart.

Do you like to travel. Which is your favorite place where you have been to?
I used to love travelling, when I was younger. I have been living in England for 4 years, in Denmark for 3 years, in Finland for 3 years. Maybe it`s because I have been living over the Estonian border so long, I really enjoying staying home so much. Some day I would like to visit Japan though.

Where can people find you online?
People can find me on Facebook as Roderic H, on Instagram @roderichproduction
and, most important, they can find my music from Soundcloud and all major
streaming platforms. Spotify, itunes, apple music, beatport etc.
Just search Roderic H and I`ll be there.