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Widely viewed as the Queen of house music, Crystal Waters has shown no signs of slowing down since her breakthrough in 1991 – recently praised by Washington Post as an artist who helped “bring house music to the masses”. Since her start, she’s landed thirteen Billboard #1s, continues to be one of the most sampled and covered artists (see Coldplay’s cover here), and every new song she releases finds its way into the sets of today’s most iconic DJs.

Today, Crystal has unveiled a charming set of part three remixes for her recent single, “2B LUV” spreading more love just in time for Valentine’s Day. She enlisted legendary artists David MoralesTodd Terry, and David Anthony (who also produced the original), which premiered on Tomorrowland Radio‘s UNreleased with Austin Kramer, for what is a jackin’ remix collection perfectly complementing this anthemic single.

“I feel so blessed and thankful. These guys are the best in the business. It’s a dream come true.”  – Crystal Waters

Morales offers an elegant interpretation, with lush piano, organic strings, beautiful bouncing bassline and upbeat rhythmic pulses. Ramping up the energy, Todd Terry comes swooping in with a profoundly pumpin’ deep bassline, infectious digital key-stabbin version that’s gonna bring so much heat, it’ll feel like summer before the season gets here! Bringing the package full circle, David Anthony throws his hat onto the dancefloor and offers a club throwback for the heads that brings a bit of the old school flair to this modern classic.

“Todd put his foot in this mix! I love it..He took it to a level I couldn’t have imagined, he is the God! David is a master, you can feel every bit of love he put into his mix, he got the song, he got the vibe, it’s just beautiful.” – Crystal Waters

Released earlier in 2022 on IAH Records, “2B LUV” has had far reaching support in dance radio mixshow land as well as in clubland, hitting Top 10 on the UK Upfront Club Chart (Music Week). Part 2 was released shortly thereafter with beautiful soulful remixes by Sir Charles Dixon and Ricky Nelson aka HouseWerq, as well as pop dance mixes by Swedish Dance Legend, StoneBridge (who’s remix of “Show Me Love” became a global hit and peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100 in 1993), that had people twirling and bouncing on global dance floors for months.

Crystal’s legacy and influence continues to permeate today’s culture. ComplexOprah Daily, and Refinery29 are just a few of the publications who have pointed to Crystal’s music and career as helping keep house music alive, as well as a primary influence behind the sounds of Beyonce’s Grammy Award winning album, ‘Renaissance’.

“As a person who was told dance music wasn’t real music , that it was just a fad, I’m very happy to see it alive and well after 30 years. I see now in the underground clubs that the kids are back to dancing and feeling the music. There’s a real, new culture and community around House music. I think TV shows like “Pose” gave people an idea of what it was like in the underground scene in the 90’s, a little history if you will. And of course when the Queen, Beyonce, crowned it with “Break my Soul”, there was no turning back.” – Crystal Waters

Each remix is effective in their own right, pleasing many a dance floor pallet, just in time for all those lovebirds celebrating Valentine’s Day to get their love on!


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About Crystal Waters:

When you hear the name Crystal Waters, you immediately think of a woman whose talent and brand has sustained her 30-year career, yet the span of her work continues to engage new fans and please her enormous base. In fact, this pioneer, innovator and dance music legend was also named by Billboard Magazine as “one of the most successful Dance Music Artists in the history of the Billboard Dance Music Chart.”

Crystal is best known for her string of domestic and international number one dance hits in the 1990’s, including her 1991 signature smash, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”, which garnered her 3 American Music Award nominations and made her an international sensation. “Gypsy Woman” became a #1 global smash because of its socially-conscious lyrics and positively infectious hook.

Crystal’s impressive 13 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits and 11 Top 10 songs have resulted in well over 100 million streams on Spotify, YouTube, and 2.12 million followers on Shazam at the very least. In 2021, a feature on RuPaul’s Drag Race drove Crystal’s ‘100% Pure Love’ to re-enter the Top 10 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Sales Chart. With millions of new streams, and the decision to make it the year’s official anthem of NYC Pride, it ignited Universal Music to re-release the song with brand new remixes.

There’s more to this world-renowned artist than just releasing music. Since the start of her career, Crystal has been a staunch advocate for LBGTQ Rights and AIDS research. She was also involved in the creation of the Soundexchange Bill passed by the US Congress in 2008. (Soundexchange collects and distributes digital performance royalties for recording artists) and was invited to the White House along with several other artists for their efforts. Crystal also walked the halls of Capitol Hill speaking to Congress several times, advocating for the passage of the Performance Rights Act, which seeks to correct a loophole that allows AM and FM radio broadcasters to not pay performers for their work. She received the Prestigious Howard University Award for Distinguished Postgraduate Achievement, and is listed among the Who’s Who of Black America, as singer, songwriter and producer.

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