Press Release Tips



Pose the title as a question: “Will (artist) perform at (festival) this year?”

Add a celebrity in the title relevant to your story. If a celebrity is not involved in your story, you could think of a headline like: “Will (celebrity) like this new tune by (artist)

Any type of gossip, scandalous action

A call to action: (Artist) has a new release | “Watch the video!”

Add mystery to your headline: “Which upcoming/famous DJ is capturing the minds of EDM fans around the globe?”


First paragraph

This should be short and  sweet and present the most important information to your news or story. Make it interesting. Try and add a cliffhanger to keep the reader interested in the rest of the story.

Second paragraph

Support the first paragraph with more depth and added information to the main angle.

Third paragraph

Add a quote by the artist or relevant person to the story. This makes the story feel more human as opposed to just a sales pitch.

Fourth paragraph

Add any other kind of info other than the main story. If this is about a release, maybe there is also a tour, radio gigs, other collaborations, fun anecdotes and so on.

Fifth paragraph

biography/about section.

Sixth paragraph

Mention all the facts such as any release or tour dates, including download store and/or ticket buy links, radio show times or any other fact relevant to the story.

7th paragraph

Website and social links.

8th paragraph

Contact information for bookings, remixes or any other purpose.