Tell us more about your new release Who We Are

Who We Are is the first song after being caught in the healthcare system for years. I must have some kind of angle over me after spending the last 3 years in and out of the hospital from brain injuries and accidents. That time made me think and found out that music is really what makes me happy and wanting to stay on this earth.

What got you first into electronic music?

4 o clock in the morning (happy hardcore edit the early 2000s)

After been listening to a lot of Tiesto and always being the weird kid loving electronic sounds than the regular hip-hop boom it eventually led me to discover DAWs. Avicii levels were the first track I recreated in FL studio and got pretty much hooked since and switching between FL studio and Ableton since. RIP Tim.

Which DJs do you look up to?

Avicii, Carl cox, Lane 8, Ben Böhmer, Jan Blomqvist and Armin Van Buuren

What would be the ultimate place for a party in your opinion?

Grand Palais for Cercle

How important is melody when it comes to dance music releases?

The crucial part of a song that’s designed to get stuck in a listener’s head contributes to making certain songs infectious.

What do you keep yourself busy with when you are not producing music?

Right now I’m all in on music and don’t have any plans to change that, I’ve after multiple times with the grim reaper decided to spend the rest of my time on earth playing, enjoying and creating music.

Is there something in the scene that should change?

I just hope that talented and unknown artists always will have a place to show their talent for the right person that can take them into their desired place in the industry. I currently love a platform called Emanate.

Name one country you would love to perform at one day.

Way too many to scope down to one!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Whoever reads this and needs an extra pair of ears hit me up!

Is there a place where we can find you online?

Soundcloud :

Spotify :