Name a highlight from this year.
The most memorable highlight from this year would have to be headlining one of Australia’s most recognized nightclubs. The atmosphere down under is incredible!

Tell us more about your latest release ‘A New World’
‘A New World’ is inspired by the old main stage sounds of EDM from the 2013 era. I wanted to bring back the feel good sing along festival anthem sound, big fat drop and a rave lead that can be recognized by all!

Could you share some pictures of your current studio with us?
At the moment I am in the transition of building a new studio, currently I am stuck in a small space and cant wait to get creative in my new space. The picture is of my current space.

Producing dance music stands synonymous to spending countless of hours behind the computer screen sculpting your beats. What do you do in your free time to stay fit?
It is true that you have to spend many hours in front of a screen, I spend a lot of my free time playing sports and in the gym. I currently compete in power lifting and train 6-7 times per week. I like to keep my mind active and find that spending time in the gym actually helps clear my mind so I can get creative when the time comes!

Who are your biggest inspirations within EDM?
Of course all the big names that have been around for a very long time have shaped and inspired me to be the artist I am today. Honestly what got me into EDM was listening to old school happy hardcore in the early 2000’s and coming up to the end of that decade I discovered Darren Styles and fell in love with hard kicks and big leads! I still love one of his first tracks ‘Cutting Deep’

If you look at your list of productions you have done so far. Which of those stands out the most to you and why?
My favourite track that I have produced is in my progressive house EP ‘Humanity’. To me it represents the great minds of humanity, how far we have come! Though I believe we still do have a long way to go, from what I see we all have a little humanity inside of us which makes nothing impossible. Humanity in my eyes is an action and a feeling coming together as one.

Do you try to incorporate other styles of dance music in your productions?
I feel as I am quite versatile with my productions and always try to keep an open mind. Sure everyone loves a big festival banger but if you limit yourself you may stop yourself from learning. The minute we stop learning is when we fail! I will always try to incorporate all sorts of things from different lead sounds to random samples, who knows what you may discover!

What defines success for you?
This one is easy, success to me is living everyday as you have imagined! If you love doing something you will work hard, with hard work comes success. Here is the real question…. Is working hard on something you love really work?

Your best advise for others to keep yourself entertained during long travels?
I love to play games, Players Unknown Battlegrounds is my favourite so download it and we can play in a squad together!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?
Keep living the dream, always chase the things that you love and if that is music then so be it!

Where can people find you online?

Snapchat: varesoofficial