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Tell us more about the meaning of your new song I’ll be up?

I’ll be up is about love and people that can be really mean in a relationship without even realizing it until it’s too late and they’ve lost the one they love.

What’s a plugin available on pluginboutique.com that completely changed your workflow?

I’m using a lot of their plugins but if I had to pick one which really changed some parts of my workflow it’d be the izotope music production suite. Their plugins presets and AI based adjustments are really a good start for a lot of moves.


izitpe music production suite 4

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Which genres other than dance music give you inspiration for your own music?

I’m quite eclectic when listening to music. It can be pop, rock, hip hop or even symphonic metal !

What do you think is the magic of a vocal added to a solid dance music track?

I firmly believe that a great track should have a solid production and great vocals. I’m spending a lot of time on my tracks making sure that vocals and production are complementing each other.

You have a successful career in IT. Do you think you will continue that or will the sole focus be on music at one point?

Well the more the project is taking off the more having to focus on music is something I’m considering. As of today it’s still too early to do it though.

What is your favorite label at the moment and why?

Atlantic Records because they have in their roster a lot of artists I’d love to collab with.

Are there plans for a full album?

Definitely ! My debut EP, « Renaissance » will be released on February 16th. I’m really excited about that !

How have you handled the COVID pandemic? Did it create more time for you for other endeavors?

I’ve been quite busy on the IT side of my life but fortunately my studio is a small dedicated room at home.

I switched to virtual sessions using Zoom for some time. Even if it is sometimes not as convenient as being the studio it is really flexible and allows to work differently. It definitely opened doors for future remote collabs.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Thank you so much for the interview ! I hope your readers will like my sounds !

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