Hardwell’s “The Underground” Has Nothing Underground About It

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Hardwell “The Hardstyle” would be more appropriate.

After announcing his upcoming Tomorrowland appearance, Hardwell teamed up with Timmy Trumpet for “The Underground.”

With its hardstyle beat and signature style EDM rises, this track will undoubtely satisfy the fans and do well on the major festivals.

However: underground it is not.

Hardwell The Underground Timmy Trumpet

Any track title would have been good: “The Rise, The Pyros, The Mainstage, The Lambo, or even The Potato..”

But not “The Underground.”

So for our purpose we’ll just call it “The Hardstyle.”

Heard in numerous sets and the subject of countless track ID’s, fans can finally get their hands on “The Hardstyle.”

Check it out for yourself:

Hardwell & Timmy Trumpet – The Hardstyle
Listen here ➡️ revr.ec/HWL-TIMMY


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