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The Riel Deal: From the prolific electronic dance breeding ground that is The Netherlands, with close to overnight speed, in 2008 he landed. In that year alone he was tipped by Tiësto as “the hottest producer around”, by DJ Magazine as “the next big thing to hit trance.” Give a warm welcome to SIED VAN RIEL!

You are known as a trance producer, but are there secret house or dubstep records from your hand flowing around?

I have never produced an actual full on house or dubstep track yet. Even though some of my own earlier remixes and releases were quite progressive that would be one step too far for me.


Describe the most lavish event you were ever booked for?

That would be a private birthday party for someone in Tunisia, who was a big fan of electronic dance music. There were lions at the front door, a few hundred people around a pool, and the son of the President there. It was quite an experience I must say.

Dance Music NewsName the biggest bullshit going on in EDM land right now

That’s a good question. I’m a big believer that your music and DJ sets should do the talking because that’s why you’re called a DJ/Producer aka Artist. You create and play music and should perform to the best of your abilities every time you step on that stage because that’s what you do as a professional. That is the reason why people come to see you and why you get booked in the first place. If that goes well, people might start following you because they want to and are interested in what you do as an artist/person. One shouldn’t be buying likes or followers. Who are you fooling?

Bicycles or limousines?

I prefer to walk or take a taxi. Even though I’m from Holland, a bike is not really my best friend, especially when it’s windy outside. You would see me on it cursing like madman all the way haha. Sometimes, I get picked up in these huge cars and the club is just around the corner. I will then tell the promoter that next time, I’ll just grab a cab. I understand it’s hospitality and they want to take care of you, but when it’s like a few blocks away, I’ll walk or grab a taxi and pay for it myself.

To our knowledge you were shortly signed to Armada Music Management. That seems like a short-lived relationship since you are back again with the Twenty For Seven Mgmt family. Could you fill us in?

I am still managed by Armada Music Management, and I am very happy with an extremely professional organization with good people working there who knows how to guide their artists. Twenty4Seven Management handles my bookings, and they have for the past 3 ½ years now. Dimitri (the owner) and my agent Stuart have become close friends over the years and our relationship is outstanding. I also have a great relationship with the other artists at Twenty4Seven Management. We have a really cool group.

Dance Music Magazine

Ever done a great PR stunt?

Not really, besides like crazy pictures or videos for the annual DJ Mag campaigns,

I’m not much of a PR crazy guy. I’m always afraid to stick my head out there when it comes to that. I do come up with crazy ideas for others though!

What is the best series on Youtube in your opinion?

I watch a lot of stand up comedy on YouTube. Guys like Arnez J, Lee Mack, Tosh.0 are amongst my favorites. Actually, a good friend of mine, Arj Barker who is a stand up comedian played in a series called, “Flight Of The Conchords” on HBO. I love his style and the guy is extremely funny. We actually met in a hotel in Perth, when I was there to tour for Stereosonic. I saw him in the lobby and just walked up to him for a picture and kept in touch with him ever since. I took him with me to Creamfields in Australia this year and went to his show in Amsterdam.

How do you envision your life in 10 years from now?

In 10 years from now, I will be DJing and producing still and enjoying this all to the max. I can’t really see myself doing anything else then this. Working for a boss has never been my thing and doing nothing is not an option.

DJ InterviewsVegas has been described as the new Ibiza. Can you attest to that?

To be honest I’ve never been to Vegas, as weird as it may seem! Ibiza however, I go there like 10 times every summer. It’s time for me to get my Vegas cherry popped.

Which DJ should retire in your opinion and why?

Any DJ who does it for the money or the fame should retire. If you do not have that EDM passion crawling in your veins, you shouldn’t be DJing.

DJ PromotionCould you share a little production tip that is native to your sound which other producers might not use that often.

Hmm that’s a good one. I often use over the top side chain compression on vocals and then yank the whole thing through Native Instruments guitar rig or any other amp that’s suitable for that particular track. It happened by accident and since then I’ve done it loads of times. It just gives it that extra spunk and as long as it sounds good, why not!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

If they made it this far, I want to thank them for the time they have taken out of their lives to read the answers!

And by all means Keep It Riel!!




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