Waves Trans-X
Waves Trans-X

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Ever listen to a track and wonder why certain elements pack incredible punch? The secret is often achieved with the use of Waves transient plugin Trans-X.

With Trans-X, you can breathe life into sounds that may otherwise sound flat or dull.

It comes in two versions, the Multiband and Wide.

If you’re looking to give a sound more punch overall, the Wide version is a good choice. Whether you want you chord progression to really slap, or want to bring out the punch of your kick, or make you snare stand out, Trans-X Wide is the way to go.

There are some presets that are very useful, but since there are limited controls, it is easy to dial in custom settings for your sound. There is no need to meticulously study this plugin before it makes sense. It’s very straightforward in its use.

If you have a more complex sound where you only want to target a specific frequency spectrum, Trans-X Multi is going to be your choice of the day. This multiband version allows for different settings on each band. Often, only one narrow frequency band is desired to shape the sound.

If you start experimenting with this plugin, you’ll imminently see how much of a benefit this will be for your productions. It’s a bit of a secret weapon, so thank us later.

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