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EDVA is a music duo based in Paris, active in the field of alternative pop music. Originally from Russia, both met in France to combine their versatile musical background to something multi-layered.

Tina Manysheva is a musician, songwriter. She is the singer of the Russian indie-pop group ‘Tinavie’, with whom she released four studio albums. In 2010, Rolling Stone Russia ranked Tina among the “best female singers in Russian groups”. In 2018, Tina released a solo album in France under the name ‘Manysheva’ with French producer Marc Collin, on her label Kwaidan Records (Nouvelle Vague, Yasmine Hamdan, Jay Jay Johanson …).

Eduard Konovalov is a composer and producer. He produced the music for two albums for the famous Russian poet Vera Polozkova. E.K. is also one of the former members of the well-known Russian group ‘Messer fur Frau Muller’. With this group Ed explored different styles of music, from cyber punk to experimental electronic.

Previous singles of Edva revealed one of the human senses. Blanche, in turn, explores the smell. Its release is accompanied by a music video directed by Elizabeth Haust. The video brings to life a woman-beast, a woman-monster – “womanimal”. Feeling like an outcast and finding no place in the modern world, she runs on the lookout of her own kind, focusing only on the smell.

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