DW Releases ‘When I dream’

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‘When I dream’ is all about your inner rhythm and balance. Everybody needs someone, When I dream explains the need of being loved. Within the track you feel two different energy streams. The first energy is the uplifting vocals (the love and the power), and within the second energy you can feel the compelling synths (the desire and deep need). Together it climaxes at the drop creating the perfect balance between love and desire. We all need someone.


The Dutch DJ/producer DW from the south of The Netherlands has grown from a local DJ to an international booked artist within the scene in the time-frame of just a couple of years.

His sound incorporates the use of live samples and unique melodic sounds with influence of artists like Flume, Kölsch and Delph. Doménique Wissink has collaborated with various artists, and has also recorded and performed under different names before starting his solo project in 2018.

At the age of 21 he has had bookings in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, USA and all across The Netherlands. Working closely together with the London based Plazma Records and with releases on Longbridge Records he has a bright future ahead.




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