Soda State are the contemporary dance music duo consisting of Mike “M” Ridley and Sam Tracie, both part human, part digital avatar and together they bring you their debut E.P. ‘Portal’ on Potion Records.

On a mission to share their story about the utopian world ‘Soda State’. It is a mysterious destination that exists in space and time and can only be accessed through the right combination of 1’s and 0’s when producing their unique music. Once they hit the right sequence they have the key to enter a portal and enjoy a place of pure euphoric escapism.

Following on from their first releases ‘The Look’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Way To Go’, they now release the final singles to complete their debut E.P. package with ‘Gold’ and E.P. title track ‘Portal’.

Gold’ provides a refreshing dose of their now signature sound; 80s synth stabs, big retro drums and contemporary pop vocals, layered with irresistible basslines and blissful melodies. E.P signature track ‘Portal’ is an instrumental, with darker tones, atmospheric, delivering big synth lines and packed with their signature retro style, a release that would not sound out of place on 80s TV series Stranger Things.
We’re super excited to finally release our debut EP! For us it’s an important step representing our journey so far. It was making our first record, The Look, that opened the portal and took us to Soda State and since then,  Midnight, Way To Go and now Gold have taken us back. The EP is a celebration of escapism, nostalgia and new beginnings, encapsulated by lead single Gold ; the euphoria from a new experience that we don’t want to let go of. We can’t wait to share it with the world… “
Soda State.

For those just discovering their fascinating story… In late 2019, M and Tracie are in their garage recording studio in London. Using their laptops, classic analogue synths and an array of gadgets they’ve wired themselves, they stumble on a sound, a combination of 0’s and 1’s in digital code that unexpectedly opens an interdimensional portal, transporting them to an alternate reality: the Soda State.

Transformed into digital versions of themselves, M and Tracie find themselves in a utopian world. Euphoric and intoxicating feeling both nostalgic and brand new – like nothing they’ve experienced before. Immediately hooked, they vow never to leave this paradise.

Before long, they find themselves tumbling through the portal again, away from Soda State. Re-entering the human world in their digital forms. Hypnotized by what they’ve experienced, they can’t rest until they find their way back. Now getting to grips with life in the real world as digital avatars, the friends are on a musical journey to rediscover the sound that will open the portal once more.

Soda State come to us with fascinating and highly creative imagery, they are also lovers of all things retro, think video games, fashion and of course, music. The single release comes equipped with an original video bursting with nostalgic childhood happy triggers and an alternative ‘Club Soda’ Mix primed for when we finally return to the dancefloor.

Soda State’s ‘Portal’ E.P is out now on Potion Records