Public relations services and publicists for DJ's and dance music artists and producers


We are currently accepting new artists and brands looking for solid/global PR representation. Clients represented by Hammarica have been featured world wide across various media outlets, including: DJ Mag, Beats Media, MSN, The EDM Network/EDM.COM, DMC, EDMNYC.COM. Pumped Audio, Billboard, Your EDM, Clublife Magazine, EDM Tunes, Kiss FM, Tilllate Magazine, USL Mag, EDM Toronto, Zone Magazine, Party Time Magazine, Grungecake,, BPM South Africa, Amsterdam Dance Event, The DJ Sessions, The Dibbledee podcast, Top House Music Blog, DJ News Belgium, Trance Hub, The VMM, Clubbing9ine, Evlear Magazine, Different Grooves, Notable Dance, The BPM Network, various dedicated radio or TV outlets and many more.

Please see below a sampling of our clients.

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