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1ST TECHNO BLOGGER: “One year ago, when I had been at the Berghain, the set of this Dj inspired me to write an article about this outstanding club. I could not imagine that very soon we will know each personally, communicate in a friendly way and he told me a lot of interesting details related to his creative musical activities. Despite the connecting flight, the loss of luggage, the sound check, Samuel Kerridge found time for this interview. He is familiar to the European public by his performances in iconic places: Berghain, Tresor, Boiler Room, Bassiani, Rex club, Berlin Atonal. This video we made before his Live at the Gamma Festival.”


Samuel Kerridge, with his signature sonic arsenal, stands alone in the worlds of rhythm and noise. A singular artist, his music is to be appreciated on its own terms.

His productions find a strange poetry in illegible communications, stripping meaning down to raw emotional response.
Each track is a visceral slab of power, aiming to deconstruct any pre conceived notions by means of a cross pollinated methodology.

Whether experienced via his releases on Downwards records, Blueprint, Horizontal Ground, and his own imprint (and esteemed Berlin event series) Contort, or live, the listener is subject to overwhelming waves of hyper-sensory stimulation.

Whatever form his music takes, Samuel Kerridge continues to evolve, always pushing the limits of sound and space.

Selected discography Samuel Kerridge

Samuel Kerridge – The I Is Nothing – Downwards LINO78
Samuel Kerridge – The Silence Between Us – Downwards LINO76
Kerridge – Fatal Light Attraction – Downwards DNSKER02
Kerridge – Sonic Instruments Of War – Contort CNTRT003
Kerridge – Always Offended Never Ashamed – Contort CNTRT001
Samuel Kerridge – Deficit Of Wonder – Blueprint BP040
Kerridge – A Fallen Empire – Downwards DNKLP01
Kerridge – A Shadow Cast – Downwards DN2020
Kerridge – From The Shadows That Melt The Flesh – Downwards DN056
Kerridge – Waiting For Love – Downwards DN054
Samuel Kerridge – Auris Interna – Horizontal Ground HG012