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Life sometimes comes with unforeseen twists. It’s definitely the case for DJ/remixer/producer JASON JENINGS from Toronto, Ontario. Originally a dance music promoter and DJ, Jason’s events grew so popular, authorities ultimately banned him from promoting. A successful career change and unfortunate accident later, it took years to make a definitive comeback. But he did. Several singles on the Hammarica label were heavily supported, including by HAKKASAN resident FERGIE who loves Jening’s big room house banger ‘CHAOS’.

JASON JENINGS:“I started going to raves when I was 19. I fell in love with the music immediately and felt like all of a sudden…I belonged. I connected with some like minded people, created my production and started throwing my own events and headlining them.

After a couple of years, I moved out west to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and began DJ’ing the club scene there. After 4 years out west, I missed home. I moved back to Ontario and started promoting my own events again. My events started drawing mass attention from local municipalities, as the amount of crowds the events were drawing became quite large. Ultimately, my last party (projected to have an attendance of over 5,000 people), was shut down with a Municipality initiated Court Injunction. I was forbidden to throw parties and law suits were threatened if I did. At this time I met my lovely wife, got married and was fortunate enough to get a premium sales position with Pepsi Canada. My career with Pepsi took off quickly and after a short time I was #1 in Canada for Sales. My production company had to go on the back burner during this time. A couple of years into my sales position, I had a freak accident at work and a large sign landed on me. There was damage to my back, neck, spine & hips. It took me 3 years to recover and to rehabilitate my body back to normal. In the summer of 2013, I visited Las Vegas, Nevada & got to visit the club scene there, seeing Hakkasan, feeling the vibe & watching the massive crowds….well, it gave me the bug again. I came back home & decided that I needed to follow my heart and get back into the scene that I loved so much. In Fall of 2013 I took a two month audio engineering & remixing course. I immediately began producing my own tracks in my home studio. December 2013 I had the honor of opening for Fergie DJ (of Hakkasan, Las Vegas), at a Toronto nightclub. Since then, I have been busy in the studio producing my own tracks. My passion & love for electronic dance music is a feeling which is really hard to describe. Suffice it to say, I feel that the music somehow completes me and I feel like I am now doing, what I am truly meant to do.

Jason Jenings: “I secured a residency on Party103.com New York City. I now have my own bi-weekly Radio Show. It is broadcast on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm.  In addition to this, I’m also extremely happy with my own Exclusive Streaming Channel, also on Party103.com. It’s 24/7 and will feature Special Events, Guest Mixes, Releases and you can tune in around the clock.

For more information about Jason Jenings, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com




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