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Giglianni first fell in love with music when his father introduced him to Jimi Hendrix at the tender age of 13. Although he had a fondness for rock music, he was always drawn to a wide net of musical genres and was heavily influenced by his older brother’s expansive record collection which they would listen to while playing video games.

In 2003, Giglianni picked up the mic and began rapping with the group, “Tre Dae”. They produced their first mix tape on a karaoke machine and went on to sign a record deal with Grip Tight Records. The group recorded an album which generated a little buzz in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. After enjoying some local success, the group split up in 2007.

Giglianni grew tired of paying for studio time so he began collecting his own studio gear. He started honing his skills at producing which led him to work with other local rappers and singers. Giglianni took his DJ skills on the road when he produced and toured with a rap artist in 2011. Although he had no prior experience as a DJ, Giglianni was a quick learner and used a set of old turntables his brother had stored to cut his teeth into. Through this experience, Giglianni began to uncover a new-found love for house music. This is when all the magic began.
He got a DJ gig at a local bar called the Tap House, which became his own personal playground to experiment and further develop his mixing skills. Giglianni landed a few jobs on cruise ships and played on tours along the Mediterranean, Austria, New Zealand, and Fiji. He ended up catching the attention of local veteran DJ, Johnny Omega, who took him under his wing as his protégé. In 2013, Giglianni released his first EP “My Boyfriend is a DJ,” under his own label, Jiggy Records. The title track “My Boyfriend is a DJ,” was met with wide acclaim and charted at number two on same year, his remix for the song “Where R U” by Jezreel Sweet, also from the same EP, reached the number three spot on

One day, Giglianni was asked to pick up legendary Grammy Award-nominated DJ/Producer Stone Bridge at the airport. On a whim, Giglianni handed Stoney a demo of his music which so impressed Stoney suggested the producers form a group. Under Stoney’s guidance, Johnny Omega and Giglianni formed the group “The Dance Knights” (T.D.K.). Their first remix of the Flash Brothers & Khushi’s hit song “Home” reached number six in the Beat Port New Realized charts.

DJ Giglianni is a resident DJ at the Refinery located on the Granville strip in Vancouver, B.C. He spends most of his time in the studio working on remixes and completing his new album which features local and international singer/songwriters. The album is slated for release this summer.


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