BREAKING: Justin Bieber Crashes Lamborghini Of Afrojack – Condition Unknown

Afrojack Lambo crash

This is just in – Sources tell us Justin Bieber was involved in a bad crash as he was driving a Lamborghini owned by Afrojack. The two had been hanging out for the past few months and it was in the planning Afrojack would give Bieber a DJ crash course, just like he successfully did with Paris Hilton. Hilton, now an ‘Ibiza superstar’. Bieber, in Holland for a few days to take the classes then was given the keys to Afrojacks Lamborghini and went on the road with it.  Then got into the car crash. Bieber’s friend Lil’ Woobashiz: “D**n! this kid dis kid wuz just stepping da gas like Shumi.. It wuz madness n####.. He almost hit uh few pedestrians. ah wuz just in da `64 behind him an’ we’s wuz rolling all day.. But ah never expected dis here ta happen.. n####, you know muh motha f##kin Biebs, he da n####.. an’ he’ll git through dis.” All shows are canceled – That’s probably the good part. Biebs, we hope you’re well kid! Connect:

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