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Avicii hospitalized USB  flash drive

“People rushed him to the hospital in a Dada Life cab where the x-rays confirmed he did swallow the drive.”


Sources close to the situation in Miami tell us Avicii is still hospitalized after he swallowed a USB flash drive. Avicii was supposed to do a show at Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach. The SLS had rebranded the hotel name into ‘The Avicii’ for this special occasion. Avicii Dance Music TVMoments before Avicii was supposed to get on, the hotel manager grabbed his arm and told him: “you will play Levels, right? .. right!? RIIIGHT?!” It was an intense situation and Avicii was stunned. 3 years long, his single Levels had haunted him. He couldn’t play a single gig without having to play it for his audience, simply because the demand was that high. But our sources confirm Avicii grew sick of the song. Nauseous. He literally couldn’t bear it anymore. So much so he started to make country songs, out of protest. And there he stood. The angry hotel manager nearly assaulting him. And then.. he did it.. He realized ‘Levels’ was on his flash drive, and in a moment of desperation, he swallowed it. Avicii then passed out aside from the stage. People rushed him to the hospital in a Dada Life cab where the x-rays confirmed he did swallow the drive. Eventually, Avicii was able to vomit it out. However, the USB caused major problems with his gall bladder which then had to be removed. All shows are canceled. We’re also told he is no longer a guest at the SLS. Avicii Hospitalized   [Tweet “in a moment of desperation, he swallowed it.”] Connect: http://www.avicii.com




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